hpal nickel processing reactions occur


nickel sulfide versus laterite : the hard sustainability challenge remains

require intensive hydrometallurgical processing (such as high pressure acid leaching or hpal). this means that laterite ores typically require substantially more energy and chemicals to produce than sulfide nickel. given that many major nickel companies report annually on their sustainability performance such

extractive metallurgy of nickel cobalt and platinum group

nickel cobalt and platinum group metals are key elements for materials processing. they occur together in one book because they (i) map together on the periodic table (ii) occur together in many ores and (iii) are natural partners for further materials processing and materials manufacturing.

valves for nickel autoclave high pressure acid leaching

autoclaves are used in mining and minerals processing to extract metals from refractory ore bodies. a typical process for autoclaves is high-pressure acid leaching (hpal) which is often used to extract nickel from laterite ore bodies but it can also be applied in copper and cobalt production.

salinity in nickel laterite processing - sgs.com

(hpal) technology. the process deposits the nickel and cobalt do not usually occur in distinct minerals. along with manganese they are released the effect of salinity on the processing of various nickel laterite ores is discussed. in particular the presence of .

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high pressure acid leach - calderaengineering.com

overview. high pressure acid leach (hpal) is a process used to extract nickel and cobalt from laterite ore bodies. the hpal process utilizes elevated temperatures (roughly 255 degrees celsius) elevated pressures (roughly 50 bar or 725 psi) and sulfuric acid to separate nickel and cobalt from the laterite ore.

murdoch research repository

a review has been completed of current and proposed processing technologies for nickel laterite ores. although future supplies of nickel depend on laterite ores their processing is inherently energy intensive and expensive as unlike sulphide ores they cannot be significantly upgraded meaning the entire ore

lateritic nickel ore deposits - wikipedia

lateritic nickel ore deposits are surficial weathered rinds formed on ultramafic rocks. they account for 73% of the continental world nickel resources and will be in the future the dominant source for the mining of nickel.

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hpal nickel processing reactions occur