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product name: potassium amyl xanthate other name(s): pax; carbonodithioic acid o-pentyl ester potassium salt; potassium pentyl xanthate; potassium isoamyl xanthate. recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use in mines of non-ferrous metal material flotation. supplier: ixom operations pty ltd abn: 51 600 546 512

potassium amyl xanthate what is potassium amyl xanthate

the residual may be re-used for additional recovery or removed for disposal. most of the xanthate is consumed in the process. several flotation processes are required for different ores. since each ore is unique there is no standard flotation procedure and no standard grade or type of xanthate used to extract specific values.

material safety data sheet - review board

potassium amyl xanthate: symptoms of potassium poisoning may occur. these include slow heartbeat accelerated breathing muscle weakness and in severe cases paralysis. vapours of the decomposition products of xanthates (carbon bisulphide) can cause severe disturbances of mood and behaviour including excitation anger and violent dreams. high

the effects of mixtures of potassium amyl xanthate (pax

this study compared the effects of using potassium amyl xanthate (pax) isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate (ipetc) sodium isobutyl xanthate (sibx) and their mixtures in the froth flotation of a pentlandite ore. in the mixtures of pax or sibx with ipetc the xanthate accounted for 95.5 mol% and for the pax and sibx mixture a 50:50 mixture was used.

the effect of flotation reagents addition (mibc and pax

in general frother and collector are used as reagents to obtain an optimum condition in flotation processes. in this study the effect of methyl isobutyl carbinol (mibc) frother and potassium amyl xanthate (pax) collector on the relative permittivity value using 2-electrode capacitance sensor was conducted.

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ore dressing flotation regent potassium amyl xanthate pax