mining resources in antarctica


what impact does mining in antarctica have - answers

there is no mining in antarctica. the environment is too extreme cold and isolated to make mining any kind of a sound financial investment. this is in addition to it being banned under the

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the arctic frontier - cbs news

the arctic frontier. lesley stahl goes to the top of the world where the next battle over oil and mineral resources is shaping up as the region becomes more accessible due to climate change

antarctica: mining minerals and fuel resources

antarctica is a frozen desert continent located south of the antarctic circle. it is a mostly uninhabitable region with a total land area of 14 million km 2 out of which only 280000 km 2 is ice-free. the continent experiences extremely low temperatures that vary according to elevation latitude

mining in antarctica — australian antarctic division

mining in antarctica. an iron outcrop in the prince charles mountains. (photo: john manning) there are deposits of minerals such as coal and iron ore in antarctica but there are vast economic and technical difficulties associated with the recovery of mineral deposits. the antarctic ice cover is on average 2.5 km thick and this means that

senate confirms sally jewell as interior secretary - cbs news

senate confirms sally jewell as interior secretary. april 10 mining recreation and other purposes. and a keen understanding of what it means to be good stewards of our natural resources

mining the antarctic a big no-no -

mining in the antarctic is not likely to happen any time soon as scientists believe the treaty that bans exploration and exploitation of the region’s resources may be revised in the next century.

mineral resources - discovering antarctica

mining companies are campaigning hard to have the ban lifted while conservationists oppose the move. the antarctic treaty consultative parties have called an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the ban on mining in antarctic a.

weird sea creatures discovered in antarctic - cbs news

weird life flourishes at deep-sea vents the world over but no one had ever found hydrothermal vents in antarctica explained jon copley a professor of earth and ocean science at the university

the threat to antarctica from mining and exploiting oil

human impacts on antarctica and threats to the environment - mining and oil there has never been any commercial mining in antarctica there are no current plans to mine antarctica and mining is currently completely banned by the antarctic treaty until 2048.

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mining resources in antarctica