flotation of oxidized lead zinc ores


flotation of aladagˇ oxide lead–zinc ores - sciencedirect

the scope of this study was to recover oxide lead and zinc minerals from alada? region (kayseri-turkey) ores. primary studies carried out with this ore have shown that flotation of oxidized lead and zinc minerals in particular zinc minerals was difficult (engin and ?nal 2003). in this paper flotation properties of lead–zinc minerals or

how to process oxidized lead-zinc ore by flotation

the problem of treating oxidized lead-zinc ores for the production of high-grade lead zinc concentrates is a complex problem due to the nature of the ores and to the soft sliming characteristics of the lead and zinc minerals. the ore for treatment is a lead-zinc carbonate ore in a mixed siliceous-lime carbonate gangue.

flotation conditioners of oxidized zinc and lead ore

the above four reagents are commonly used conditioners for the flotation of oxidized lead and zinc ore. after being sulfurized and then adjusted according to the nature of the ore the oxidized lead and zinc ore can be collected according to the collecting principle of sulfide ore with collectors such as xanthate.

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role of sodium sulfide - copper lead & zinc ore flotation

sodium sulfide is one of the most widely used alkali metal sulfides in the flotation of copper lead and zinc minerals in their oxidized form. the sulfidization process developed in the u.s.a. in 1915-20 for oxide copper minerals flotation is especially suitable for oxidized lead ores in which the gangue is usually basic.

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request pdf on researchgate flotation of aladag oxide lead-zinc ores oxide lead–zinc ore sample containing 10.17% pb 10.98% zn 57g/t ag and 164g/t cd was subjected to this experimental

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flotation of oxidized lead zinc ores