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speed governs who goes first in battle. the more speed you have the sooner you will move in a round. speed also increases your chances of running away from a battle. speed will reduce the likelihood of an enemy dodging your attack (this includes ness's psi rockin and jeff's bottle rockets!)

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texas company has many uses for recycled glass. by jeff ray january 13 the recycled glass they buy is ground down to look like sand. color is not an issue so they can buy this waste stream

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a new zealand beer company has created a machine that turns empty beer bottles into sand. db exports says the sand can then be used in construction projects that would otherwise take sand from

machine crushes beer bottles into sand to save new zealand

push the container through a bottle-shaped hole then watch as a vacuum system removes silica dust and plastic labels leaving behind pure glass sand. each bottle produces 200 grams of powder

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he also wants some fire eel tongues sand howler eyes and butterfly wings. fire eels look like groups of sand clumps sand howlers look like dogs with many eyes on its head butterfly wings can be found at the strange oasis. finding the fire eels or sand howlers will be somewhat difficult since they are creatures that you fight.

sand bottle crusher technology to set off the revolution

this is where the new sand bottle crusher wins the game! superior time efficiency over natural glass bottle recycling process. while on one hand glass bottles normally take a million years to decompose naturally by using the sand bottle crusher the bottles are pulverized to tiny sand particles that can even pass through a fine mesh screen.

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bottle crusher to sand