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vertical pressure leaf filter mvdcd. the filtration group process systems – amafilter – lfc lochem vertical pressure leaf filter mvdcd is a pressure filter with a large specific filtration area due to the shape of the filter elements. we have been building these filters for more than 60 years.

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used the better the eco green leaf mark. (calculated by use of eco functions and actual lamp wattage) vertical keystone adjustment the projector can correct keystone distortion by +/-30% for perfect installation adjustment to the smart board or screen. (note that since this is an electronic correction it will reduce the picture quality slightly).

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the pressure leaf filter is an enclosed filtration system and can be fully automated. this unit is autonomous and equipped with all auxiliaries necessary for excellent filtration results. the filter leaves are individually mounted on the central manifold this allows easy and quick removal of the filter leaves.

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vertical pressure leaf filter (vplf / versis) the pressure leaf filter is an enclosed filtration system and can be fully automated. this filter produces a high filtrate clarity after the clarification run and is also suitable for all kinds of filter aids. the regeneration time between the filtration cycles is short.

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vertical leaf arrangement in a vertical pressure leaf filter: durco filters vertical pressure leaf filters are ideal for batch process applications requiring high flow rates with low solids removal in a small footprint. the vertical vessel orientation is used when space is restricted or when interruptable flow is expected.

the vertical pressure leaf filter - solid liquid separation

the vertical pressure leaf filter requires attention on a regular basis to safety devices and automation features that accompany modern filters. the space above the filter should have a hoisting device and sufficient headroom to lift each leaf and move it horizontally to a location adjacent to the filter tank.

vertical pressure leaf filter - safer i healthier i more

vertical pressure leaf filter (vplf) the vertical pressure leaf filter is an extremely economical filter which has proven technology. our vertical filters require only a small footprint. our vertical filter systems are equipped with a cover lift assembly. other cover lift assembly types are available on request. versis vertical pressure leaf

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vertical leaf filtering