wash the cyclone for gold in burma


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it's feared that more than 100-thousand people might have died because of a cyclone in a country called burma. the number is frightening. that's the same amount of people that fill our biggest

u.s. aid reaches myanmar; death toll rises - cbs news

u.s. aid reaches myanmar; death toll rises. may 12 2008 / 2:09 am / cbs/ap the united states delivered its first relief supplies to myanmar on monday as the u.n. urged the reclusive nation to

u.s. gao - burma: un and u.s. agencies assisted cyclone

cyclone nargis hit burma's impoverished irrawaddy delta on may 2 2008 leaving nearly 140000 people dead or missing and severely affecting about 2.4 million others according to the un. the burmese military government initially blocked most access to the affected region; however amid international pressure it slowly began allowing

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large swordfish washes up on beach in rye nhmarine biologists are facing a mystery as they try to figure out what caused a large swordfish which usually inhabits deeper waters to wash up on the

burma (myanmar) wash sector brief

burma: wash sector brief 2 water supply access: through much of rural burma communal ponds hand‐dug wells and rainwater harvesting systems are the main sources of water supply.45 villages that depend primarily on manmade ponds are at high risk of severe water stress during the dry season during march april and may a situation that

the burma cyclone and the responsibility to protect

in 2005 the international community adopted a new concept the responsibility to protect (r2p) but its meaning and application are still unclear. the united nations ruled out applying it to burma

cyclone nargis - wikipedia

extremely severe cyclonic storm nargis (???? [?n?rɡ?s]) was an extremely destructive and deadly cyclone that caused the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of myanmar during early may 2008. the cyclone made landfall in myanmar on friday 2 may 2008 sending a storm surge 40 kilometres up the densely populated irrawaddy delta causing catastrophic destruction and at least

burma (myanmar) wash sector brief

burma (myanmar) wash sector brief headline issues reliable information about the burmese wash sector is difficult to access and likely out of date since the last sector assessment was conducted in 1993. a wash sector review is in the early stages of being planned.

burmese regime blocked international aid to cyclone

international aid for cyclone victims in burma was deliberately blocked by the military regime the first independent report into the disaster has found. the junta's wilful disregard for the

cyclone nargis - wikipedia

according to various reports indian authorities had warned burma about the danger that cyclone nargis posed 48 hours before it hit the country's coast. as of 16 may 2008 india's offer to send a team of 50 medical personnel to set up two independent mini-hospitals in the irrawaddy delta was accepted by the burmese government.

u.s. ships may abandon myanmar aid efforts - cbs news

the myanmar government says the cyclone killed 78000 people and left 56000 missing. an estimated 2.4 million people were left in desperate need of food shelter and medical care according to

they call it myanmar: lifting the curtain details and

the film culled from over 120 hours of striking images is an impressionistic journey that leads across the vastness of burma. it traces the history of burma from its beginnings in the ancient city of bagan through colonial times recent uprisings the devastating cyclone nargis that killed 150000 people and up to the present day.

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wash the cyclone for gold in burma