oxidation of sulfide minerals


iron sulfide oxidation and the chemistry of acid

evaluate iron sulfide oxidation and the reactions of a13+ fes+ fe2+ and so*- under conditions of high leaching (2) determine the composition of acid mine drainage under such conditions and (3) utilize chem- ical equations to understand the management of geo- logic materials containing iron sulfides.

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sulfide oxidation - 911metallurgist.com

the rate of sulfide oxidation observed in batch reactors was a function of available sulfide surface area dissolved oxygen concentration and to a much lesser extent ph (equation 1). the dependence on surface area and dissolved oxygen indicates that the oxidation was a surface reaction with oxygen as the oxidizing agent.

microbial oxidation of sulfur - wikipedia

although the biological oxidation of reduced sulfur compounds competes with abiotic chemical reactions (e.g. the iron-mediated oxidation of sulfide to iron sulfide (fes) or pyrite (fes 2)) thermodynamic and kinetic considerations suggest that biological oxidation far exceeds the chemical oxidation of sulfide in most environments.

thermodynamics and kinetics of sulfide oxidation by oxygen

abiotic sulfide oxidation kinetics improve when reduced iron and/or manganese are oxidized by oxygen to form oxidized metals which in turn oxidize sulfide. biological sulfur oxidation relies on enzymes that have evolved to overcome these kinetic constraints to affect rapid sulfide oxidation.

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iron(ii) sulfide - wikipedia

some of the hydrogen sulfide will react with metal ions in the water or solid to produce iron or metal sulfides which are not water-soluble. these metal sulfides such as iron(ii) sulfide are often black or brown leading to the color of sludge. pyrrhotite is a waste product of the desulfovibrio bacteria a sulfate reducing bacteria.

biological oxidation of iron sulfides - sciencedirect

concerning the biological oxidation of iron sulfides acidophilic iron-oxidizing and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria have been proven to enable the dissolution of the ferric minerals and enhance the recovery and extraction of other metals (cu co …) (johnson et al. 2013; plessis chris slabbert hallberg & barrie johnson 2011).

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oxidation of sulfide minerals