causes of conflicts within mining areas in ghana


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2015828&ensp·&enspfig. 2 conflicting rights to land within a national park 13 areas 20 tab. 3 causes of land conflicts 27 box 15 alternative dispute resolution for solving land conflicts in ghana 65

(pdf) mining as a factor of social conflict in ghana

mining as a factor of social conflict in ghana. the root causes of these conflicts which have almost become persistent are largely traceable to the introduction of secular political authority

environmental impacts of mining in zambia. towards

201484&ensp·&enspthrough the meetingpoints mining project the geological survey of sweden has been fa cilitating partnerships and networks in the mineral sector in several subsaharan african coun tries since 2010. within the project a prestudy has been made on the environmental impacts of mining in zambia.

conflict management in communitybased natural

2013416&ensp·&ensp1. role of conflict and conflict management in communitybased natural resource projects 1.1 introduction the word 'conflict' carries negative connotations. it is often thought of as the opposite of cooperation and peace and is most commonly associated with violence the threat of violence or disruptive (nonviolent) disputes.

experiences from ghana on mining and its impact on

201851&ensp·&enspexperiences from ghana on mining and its impact on human rights the causes of the violations of human rights appear systemic in nature. based on the most serious complaints of abuses came from communities within the operational areas of long history of mining

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about 12% of all land in ghana is currently under some form of concession for mineral exploration. one study showed that within mining concessions of western ghana's wassa west district an area covering 19300 hectares forestland has decreased by 58% while farmland has decreased 45%. (ghana mining 2011 schueler et al. 2011).

chapter 9 local communities and mines

2015724&ensp·&enspremotenessthe areas to be explored are frequently ones where the title to land is disputed or unacknowledged and where local government lacks the capacity to provide essential services or to mediate between mining companies and local communities. a consequence is the potential for mining companies to wield too much power in the local context

major problems facing ghana today africa and the

2019111&ensp·&enspmajor problems facing ghana today the republic of ghana or "ghana" for short is a west african country loed along the gulf of guinea (the northeasternmost part of the tropical atlantic ocean) between the republics of ivory coast and togo. about 55% of ghana's population lives in urban areas in major cities and towns such as accra the

conflict and collaboration in natural resource management

2013125&ensp·&enspconflicts over natural resources can take place at a variety of levels from within the to local regional societal and global scales. further more conflict may cut across these levels through multiple points of contact. conflicts occurring mainly in local contexts may extend tonational and global levels because of their special legal

stamp out galamsey due to its negative effects

201759&ensp·&enspstamp out galamsey due to its negative effects (within mining concessions) and pervasive spillover effects often resulting from expansion of mining activities into reserved forests

conflict and natural resource management

natural resource conflictsare disagreements and disputes over access to and control and use of natural resources. these conflicts often emerge because people have different uses for resources such as forests water pastures and land or want to manage them

conflict or cooperation? social capital as a power

strategy in timber operations in ghana's offreserve forest areas. ecology and society 23(3):44. https abstract. conflicts over forests and trees threaten the sustainability of the resource base. the nature and causes of such conflicts what is seen as desirable or unacceptable behavior within a group (lyon 2000 pretty and ward 2001

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land is the object of competition in a number of potentially overlapping ways: as an economic asset as a connection with identity and social legitimacy and as political territory. competition over land and its resources is at the center of the nexus between land and conflict.

what is mining? mongabay

what is mining? mining is the extraction (removal) of minerals and metals from earth. manganese tantalum cassiterite copper tin nickel bauxite (aluminum ore) iron ore gold silver and diamonds are just some examples of what is mined. why mine? mining is a money making business.

ghana: mining companies accused of human rights abuse

200895&ensp·&enspmining companies have been accused of human rights abuse in communities of their operation according to a report released by the commission on human rights and administrative justice (chraj) ghana.

(doc) effects of conflicts on local development in ghana

unfortunately some areas in the country especially the northern region of ghana do not share this pride of peace and stability. this area which is endemic in ethnic conflicts has been home to the worst conflicts in the nation's history. causes of conflicts the last few decades have witnessed a lot of violent conflicts throughout ghana

environmental impacts of mining: a study of mining

2017819&ensp·&enspmineral exploitation contributes significantly to economic growth and development in most world economies. in africa ghana is the second largest gold producer contributing to about 5.7% of the country's gdp. the mining sector in ghana consists of both smallscale and largescale mining each of which has varying environmental impacts. this paper provides an exposition on the environmental

why environmental transformation causes violence: a

201177&ensp·&ensp(e.g. northern ghana). most environmental conflicts are carried out between actors within a country (see: fig. 1 a and appendix). in some cases internal conflicts become internationalized (see: fig. 1 b). most of those that do spread across borders involve migrants or refugees coming from wartorn or marginal rural areas of a neighboring

resourcerelated conflict in africa – acleddata – crisis

resourcerelated conflict in africa natural resource extraction by mining (including oil diamonds copper and cobalt) has tremendous positive economic potential for states. however these resources can also do more harm than good if used towards ulterior motives including corruption the unequal distribution of wealth and to fuel violence.

conflict in mining areas in ghana nedervechtkavels

resolving water conflicts in mining areas of ghana through conflict in mining areas in ghanaabstract mining as a sector is vital to a country's economic growth but the impact of the activities on environment can be an important cause of concern in wassa west district of ghana mining as an industry has been promoted in the recent

natural resources conflict and conflict resolution

2013220&ensp·&enspwithin the next 50 years—water stress (when the demand for good quality water exceeds the supply) will become even more of a problem in the future.6 water scarcity causes and sustains conflict in many parts of the globe violent conflict over water resources has broken out in

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causes of conflicts within mining areas in ghana