partition curve hydrocyclone


(pdf) the theoretical partition curve of the hydrocyclone

in many cases the hydrocyclone partition curve exhibits a non-monotonic course in the fine particle range. the so-called fish-hook effect indicates an increased separation of the fine fraction

tromp curve - example of partition curve

tromp curve – example of partition curve. previous next. view larger image. as may be seen from the table a separation at s.g. 2.75 would result in a float product of 68.5% of the weight contain 3.8% of the tin of that size fraction. laboratory separations in heavy liquids are “ideal” – all the sinks should report to the sinks and all

a general model for hydrocyclone partition curves

the partition curve is used to quantify the classification in hydrocyclones. it is generally monotonic and asymptotes to a value called the bypass. a `fish-hook' curve occurs sometimes when partition values lower than the bypass are observed. a number of attempts have been made to develop fish-hook partition curve models.

partition curve - an overview sciencedirect topics

for each unit there is a partition curve that is recovery to specified concentrate as a function of particle density. figure 10.35 shows a generic partition curve in reduced form (chapter 1) where the abscissae is density divided by the density corresponding to 50% recovery that is ρ/ρ 50.

use of a new model to represent hydrocyclone

slope of the central section of the partition curve. ? the closer to vertical is the slope the higher is the efficiency. 5 typical hydrocyclone partition curves (actual e a and corrected e c efficiency curves) microsoft powerpoint - use of a new model to represent hydrocyclone

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partition curve hydrocyclone